Last Updated: August 2021

Though AngelDown Answers is primarily a speaking ministry, below you will find some of Ben’s original articles and speaking outlines covering a variety of topics, with material and information integrated from a variety of sources. We hope the answers found within will be helpful in your faith journey. Check back often as this section of the site will continue to be revised and updated with new content.

Intro and Initial Thoughts on Famed Christian Artist’s Declaration of Disbelief (Steingard Series Part 1)

Selected Arguments for The Existence of God (Steingard Series Part 2)

The Problem of Evil and Suffering (Steingard Series Part 3)

Why Would a Loving God Send People to Hell? (Steingard Series Part 4)

Women and the Bible (Steingard Series Part 5)

The God of the Old Testament vs. God of the New Testament (Steingard Series Part 6)

Substitutionary Atonement (Steingard Series Part 7)

Absolute Truth and Christian Exclusivism (article)

Homosexuality: A Christian Perspective

Abortion: Biology and the Baby

When Witnesses Come Knocking: A Crash Course on Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jesus Christ, Part 1: His Historicity and Claim to Deity (speaking notes)

Jesus Christ, Part 2: Evidence for the Resurrection (speaking notes)

What About Those Who Never Hear About Christ?

Alcohol: Why I Personally Do Not Drink

Creationism- Part 1: Intro and the Six Days

Creationism- Part 2: Curses, Human Age, Dinosaurs, and Cain’s Wife

Creationism- Part 3: The Flood

The articles and speaking notes below are being actively reformatted and updated as a last stage of this new site development:

Creationism- Part 4: Versus Evolution