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Creation Study Part 1

Is there really any evidence for six 24-hour creation days? Was Noah’s flood worldwide, and what were the results? Who was Cain’s wife? What about dinosaurs? Are there problems with Darwin’s evolutionary theory? Read this article in PDF format.

by Ben Jones

Why it’s important…

Explains where we came from, how we came into being, why we believe in marriage, why there is suffering and death in the world, etc. What happened in Genesis forms the foundation for the necessity of Christ’s death.

Young Earth Creationists (Biblical Creationism)- Six literal 24-hour days of creation.

Earth is 6,000 to 12,000 years old à much closer to 6,000

Old Earth Creationists and Theistic Evolutionists– Six indefinite periods of time à millions of years, geologic time periods. God’s role varies a bit depending on who you talk to.

Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory, or Naturalism, taken as a whole, is not compatible with Christianity!

*You don’t have to believe in 6 24-hour days of creation to be a Christian. Reasons for six 24-hour days of creation:

  • This is how we would automatically read this
  • Consecutively numbered, with evening and morning
  • Day in juxtaposition with night
  • Romans 5:12- animal death before sin if TE is true (Objection is that death does not refer to animal death- there is some possible evidence for this)
  • Creation is finished. Gen. 2:1-3. Demands definite period of time when complete.
  • Hebrew word for day- “yom” can mean ordinary day or indefinite period of time. Cannot mean a long period in a definite sense. (when used as indefiniteà ‘day of the Lord’, ‘day of the Judges,’ etc). It also can refer to the daylight in a 24-hour period.
    • Used 2291 in OT, almost always referring to a literal “day.” When plural (845) always means literal day. When modified by numerals (359) always literal day. When used with evening and morning (38), always a literal day.
    • Other words could have been used, but author used “yom,” which is the only word that can mean a solar day.
  • Adam was created on Day Six, and lived through Day Six and at most natural reading of the text, lived through Day Seven, and died at 930 years old.
  • Literary use: When “day” is first used in Genesis, it cannot be symbolic. A word can only be used symbolically when it first has a defined literal meaning (evening and morning).
  • Gen. 1:14-19: Day Four à “Day” is used 5 times in relation to days, nights, seasons, and years
  • Ex. 20:8-11: This is the finger of God Himself on tablets. 4th Commandment: Instructs us to work a literal six days, and rest one day, because that’s what He did. The word “remember” in v. 8 always refers back to a real historical event. Real week = Real days of creation. Uses same word. Not millions, not indefinite period. Why did God take six days if He is omnipotent? To set a pattern for our work week.
  • There are many theological problems if you don’t have a literal Adam and literal Eve- go through Romans 5
  • Small evidence: Why would God take so long to create humans if we are the whole point of creation itself? (also explains all the supposed “empty space of the universe”)

Objection with 2nd Peter 3:8:

  • First of all, this uses a comparative article- “as” or “like,” which is not found in Genesis. The context is Christ’s Second Coming, and refers to the fact that God is not limited by time. Long or short periods is nothing to God.
  • The second part of the verse cancels out the first part

From a Young Earth View, first let’s start from the beginning- How did it all begin?

Start at Gen. 1:1 (calculating human history, we can get back to 4004 BC)

  • Heavens- “shamayin” -> entire creation constituting universe outside of earth.
  • Between v. 1 & 2: Some believe in a gap here to allow for the expulsion of Satan which plunged the world into this void state of darkness. [New Age people between this was when the lost continent of Atlantis existed, about 10 million years ago. Spirit beings lived here, and after destruction, the spirits took up residence in Adam and Eve.]

Day 1

Created light and dark; Notice that light came before sun and stars. This shows the idea of light itself; its essence. God is always seen as “light” in visions, etc.

Light -> Day Dark -> Night

You only need light and a rotating earth to achieve day/night, evening/morning. (Read Rev. 21:23-24)


Day 2

Heb. word for expanse is from root word meaning “to spread out, stamp, beat firmly” which suggests a dome in the rest of the Bible

Expanse or firmament -> “raqiya”

V. 8 heaven = atmosphere, refers to v. 20

[see illustration: now you have two ‘sections’ of water divided by atmosphere]

Day 3

V. 9 → One ‘section’ of water was gathered into one place (like a ball of water, which was earth). Dry land appeared on this ball of water below the atmosphere. [illustration]

  • 11 -> Didn’t actually sprout yet (2:5)

Day 4

  • Lights -> lit. luminaries or light-bearers
    • “Stars also”- differentiated from the Sun, even if made up of the same substance (why I don’t believe in aliens)
    • God already had decided the length of days and nights. Sun, moon, and stars were signs to mark times (day, night, season, year), not astrological. By definition, a sign can only represent something that has already been established, a sign cannot establish the thing itself.

Day 5

Flying creatures, sea creatures

Day 6

Land animals, Humans

  • Creation of human definitely separate from animals
    • Let Us (Trinity); polytheism doesn’t fit, even in next verse.

The origin of vampires (fictional story)

Story of Lilith: Lilith was created before Eve. She refused to submit to Adam, so she fled from the Garden. Eve was created. After expulsion, Adam reunited for a time with Lilith before returning to Eve. Lilith bore Adam children, who are the demons of the Bible.

After Adam left, Lilith became the Queen of Demons (or Queen of the Damned) and became the murderer of infants and young boys who she turned into vampires.

  • V. 31 “had formed” indicates something God had completed in past
  • State of Earth -> Explain of the effects of the water canopy (remember the ‘waters above the expanse/heavens/atmosphere’). No rain before flood, only light mist rising from the ground like Tropical Rain Forest (Gen. 2:5-6)

Simply making each day equal millions of years does not make Genesis compatible with typical evolutionary theory, or necessarily even with Old Earth scenario.

Wrong Order:

Big BangStarsSunMolten EarthFirst Oceans
15 Billion yrs/ago10 Billion5 Billion4.5 Billion3.8 Billion
Water Covered EarthDry land and plantsSun, Moon, StarsSea and Flying CreaturesLand Animals and Man
Day 1-2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6