Ben’s Recommended Books

If you are a Truth-seeker investigating the claims of Christianity for yourself, these books may guide you to a greater understanding of the incredibly solid foundation on which the Christian faith rests. As a Christian, whether you are attempting to overcome an area of doubt, be a better informed parent for your children, or be a more effective witness in general, these books will help you in your journey. These are all books I have personally read and studied, and could not recommend them more highly.

  • The Holy Bible

    Written by 40+ authors, over 1500 years, on 3 continents, but all revolving around the story of salvation through Jesus Christ- a must read!

  • Mere Christianity

    By C.S. Lewis

  • (1) On Guard, and (2) Atonement and the Death of Christ

    by Dr. William Lane Craig (a personal friend and mentor)

  • The New Evidence that Demands a Verdict

    by Josh McDowell

    This voluminous tome is where I got my start in apologetics.

  • Is God a Moral Monster?

    By Paul Copan

  • (1) The Case for Christ and (2) The Case for Faith

    By Lee Strobel

  • Tactics

    By Greg Koukl

    Hands down, this book describes the most effective way to engage people with apologetics.

  • Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

    by Nabeel Qureshi

  • Radical

    By David Platt

  • Heaven

    By Randy Alcorn

Ben’s Recommended Websites

These reliable websites contain a plethora of apologetic information about almost every area of the Christian faith. Though I cannot vouch for all the information on each site, the endless supply of articles, videos, and podcasts, far surpasses what this smaller ministry can offer. If your questions are not answered here, they are sure to be found using the resources below.

  • Reasonable Faith

    This is the ministry of Dr. William Lane Craig, a personal friend and mentor, and one of the most prolific Christian apologists of our day. His work and teaching has influenced this ministry more than any other (with the exception of his new views on Genesis and human origins, with which I tend to disagree).

  • Stand to Reason

    Greg Koukl, who heads up this ministry, is an extremely knowledgeable, yet down-to-earth apologist. He is especially proficient at making his material understandable and accessible to all.

  • Answers in Genesis

    This ministry promotes belief in a more literal interpretation of Genesis, backed by scientific and biblical evidence. Their Creation Museum and Ark Encounter are absolute must-see attractions in Kentucky! Well worth a trip from anywhere in the United States.

  • 4Truth

    This is a ministry of the North American Mission Board, which focuses on a reasonable approach to Christianity, and provides a great deal of reading and media for study.