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Creation Study Part 2

Is there really any evidence for six 24-hour creation days? Was Noah’s flood worldwide, and what were the results? Who was Cain’s wife? What about dinosaurs? Are there problems with Darwin’s evolutionary theory? Read this article in PDF format.

by Ben Jones

Gen. 3:8-10, Notice personification/anthropomorphism of God (Jesus?)

Serpent Seed Theory (Pentecostal Oneness Sects)- William Branham (1940s), Eve had illicit affair with serpent and offspring was Cain. No! First sin was not sexual, but eating from the tree

Gen. 3:15

  • Humans vs. Adversary
  • Ongoing opposition against humans, ultimately ending in Jesus Christ
  • Bruise on head: Mortal wound spelling utter defeat of Satan, happened at Calvary
  • Bruise on heel: Suffering, physical death of Christ
  • Woman’s Seed (normally man): refers to virgin birth

Gen. 3:21- Notice that God killed first animal and shed first blood for sin

Gen. 3:22-24

  • Does not suggest that serpent was correct about God’s insecurity
  • Does not mean He was threatened by man’s wisdom when He expelled them
  • Penalty of death had to be carried out (couldn’t if they could eat from tree)
  • This was merciful! They would have lived forever in a sinful and painful world with sickness, degeneration, and infirmity.
  • God provided for them in a new environment, and eternal salvation through the

Promised Seed How Did People Age?

  • Today, a really healthy person might live to be 100. What age do we start dying?

(some say as soon as you are born, maybe early-mid 20s)

  • Condition of world before flood:
    • Water canopy protecting earth
    • No disease, plague, viruses, infirmity, etc
  • Humans lived much longer, but how? 6 = 60? No, they peaked in their mid-20s and stayed vibrant and healthy much longer- aged much more slowly. This also allowed for more offspring.

Humans and Dinosaurs

What is the interesting growth attribute of reptiles? They never stop growing until they die. Due to the water canopy, just like humans, they lived longer and grew much bigger- we call these dinosaurs!

Evolution: Appeared 235 million years ago, died out 65 million years ago

Creation: Created on the 6th day, were placed on Noah’s ark, then due to lack of water canopy, climate change, disease, competition for food, and man’s activities eventually helped cause their extinction

Job 40:15-24, not talking about hippo or elephant (v. 17). “Brachiosaurus”

Other Scripture: Gen. 1:24-25, Job 41, Jer. 51:34, Mal. 1:3, Ps. 74:13, Ps. 91:13, Ps.

104:25-26, Is. 27:1, Is. 30:6 (flying serpent), Is. 43:20

Words used most is: “Tanniyn” meaning ‘monster, sea monster, dragon’ The word dragons is used 21-30 in the OT.

  • Fire-breathing dragons are in the history of almost every ancient culture
  • Unexplained cavities- unexplained passages in skulls connected to nasal cavity chemicals stored could be hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinone.
  • Examples
    • Sumerian Story (2000BC) about Gilgamesh and huge dragon
    • Alexander the Great (330BC) marched into India, found them worshipping huge hissing reptiles kept in caves
    • Chinese dragon stories- pottery, carvings, etc
    • Petroglyphs (drawings on rock) of dinosaurs- White River Canyon, Utah
    • Paluxy Tracks, Paluxy River Bed in Glen Rose, TX (May 1939- Human tracks in the same as dino)
    • T-Rex and duck-billed platapus- unfossilized bones
    • Plateau in Turkmenistan (Kughitang-Tau Plateau)- many human footprints along with 1000s of dino prints
    • Tuba City, AZ
    • 1000s of cases around the world Cain and his wife
  • Skeptics use, Scopes Trial in 1925 with William Jennings Bryant- was not answered and was a huge blow to Scriptural belief
  • Wife must be a descendant of Adam/Eve- all men come from Adam, otherwise the gospel could not be defended; also “Eve” because she is ‘mother of all living’ (Gen 3:20)
  • Gen 4:25- Seth was born after Abel’s murder
  • Gen 5:3- Adam is 130 years old
  • Gen 5:4- Adam had other sons and daughters (Josephus- 33 sons, 23 daughters)
  • 130 years is time enough for at least 3 generations, Gen. 4:3 indicates possibly 100 years between Cain’s birth and Abel’s death
    • Two Reasons Seth mentioned specifically
      • Seth could have been the 1st son born after Abel’s death
      • Jesus is a descendant of Seth
  • This does mean Cain would have to marry a sister or niece
  • Objection: The Law! Answer: Law forbidding marriage between close relatives was not given until Moses. All of us are relatives to an extent. Also God blessed Abram’s marriage to his half-sister.
    • Objection: Deformities! Today, children of close relatives would have a very high risk of being deformed
      • Every person has 2 sets of genes- around 130,000 gene pairs. One gene comes from each parent.
      • Many genes today contain mistakes- one ear lower than the other, etc. Result of Sin, the Curse, etc.
      • The more distantly related parents are, the more likely they will have different mistakes in genes. Children are likely to end up with a max of one bad gene in each pair, and the good gene overrides the bad.
      • Human race is slowly degenerating as mistakes accumulate
      • More closely related, better chance of similar mistakes. So child of a union of siblings results in same bad gene in a gene pair, resulting in serious defects
      • Adam and Eve did not have accumulated gene mistakes, they were physically perfect when created.
      • Cain and his siblings would have inherited virtually no bad genes (but by the time of Moses this was starting to be an issue)
  • Gen. 4:16-17, does not say that Cain found his wife in Nod; could have found her

before as many believe.

  • Gen. 4:14, who was Cain scared of? Before civil government was instituted to punish murderers, someone would want to harm Cain for killing Abel only if they were closely related to Abel!
  • Some say that Cain needed technology developed by other races to build the city of Enoch in Nod. But Jabel created the harp, lyre, and pipes. Tubal-Cain worked with brass and iron- WE are degenerated, at the beginning of time, the human mind was working at the peak of creativity and learning. (Gen. 4:21-22)


Gen. 5:21-27

  • Methusaleh died in the flood! Why would the Lord kill Methusaleh in the flood? Asked Dad.
  • Look at Enoch

Heb. 11:5, Jude 14

  • Enoch was a prophet who walked with God, and he gave his son a prophetic name
  • Methusaleh means “when he dies, it will come;” he did not die in the flood, he died, and then the flood came
  • The fact that Methusaleh lived longer than any other man shows God’s patience and long-suffering with mankind before punishing with the Flood (same today)